Dating a catholic priest

8) He can’t serve as a teacher in a parochial school unless he gets the bishop’s permission.

9) He shouldn’t live in or frequent places where his status as an ex-priest is generally known, unless he gets the bishop’s permission.

However, believing that married priests are the answer assumes that they are mature, happily married men.

With a bit of reflection anyone can see that marriage in and of itself does not automatically make a man mature, self-giving and happy.

I don't mean to paint a horrible picture of married clergy.

I'm just reminding people that it's not all quite as happy and wonderful as they seem to think. Catholics say they want married clergy, but do they want to pay for them? As a married man with a family I get by because I earn an extra income through my writing and speaking.

So many of our priests are isolated and alone and too many problems surround the men who struggle with celibacy.

So is the answer to allow married men to be ordained? Having married priests would certainly help the vocations crisis, and married men might relate better to married people.

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Having married clergy will not necessarily solve the vocations crisis, nor will it necessarily improve the priestly ministry, and it certainly won't be the solution to the priestly sex abuse problem. Some married ministers have sexual problems just like celibate men do. Married clergymen struggle with porn and same-sex attraction and abuse children.

Pope Francis—ever fond of stirring the pot—has made headlines again recently with a remark during an interview with a German paper suggesting a new openness to married priests. The reason I was permitted to be ordained is that celibacy for priests is a discipline of the church, not a doctrine.

That is why exceptions can be made and the rule could be changed.

On the other hand, older married men would bring a lifetime of experience to the role.

If they have stable marriages, and if they have taken early retirement they might also be financially independent.

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