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Wheldon left Britain in 1999 to pursue his dream in the United States. In America, however, his achievements made him a sporting celebrity: twice a winner of the famous Indianapolis 500, he secured 16 victories in his Indy Car career and was the series champion in 2005.

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He was airlifted to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries.Fourteen NTT Indy Car Series drivers – many of them friends with two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Wheldon, who died in a crash at Las Vegas in October 2011 – participated as the pro drivers in the charitable event that raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of Wheldon’s mother, Sue, who suffered from the progressive memory-loss disease until her death in 2014.Held at New Castle Motorsports Park, the karting facility owned by former Indy car driver Mark Dismore, the Wheldon Memorial Challenge resumed this year after a nearly four-year hiatus – organized once more by Susie Wheldon, Dan’s widow.“All forms of motor racing in England were very expensive, and even between sponsors and my family we weren’t able to find the budget to race,” he later recalled.“I could have done F3 on a shoestring, but your career is pretty much over at that point.” Wheldon made an immediate impact in the United States, winning the Formula Ford 2000 title in his first year.

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