Creative dating headline examples age limits for dating in canada

What makes you unique, what makes you good at your job, why would you make a great employee?

You may be an ambitious insurance broker, but what makes you a GREAT employee is that you always exceed your monthly targets.

Would you like to know how to get more recruiters and hiring managers to view your profile and contact you for job offers?

If you said yes to either, this article will really help you out.

If you have certain designations, technical certifications, or anything career specific that is important, mention it in your headline.

But don’t ramble on, remember, the headline is supposed to be eye catching.

Your Linkedin headline is used to advertise yourself and get the attention of hiring managers.

Rob’s headline is specific, eye catching and impressive. Be specific, use strong adjectives, and tell them what makes you great. I have to work on my sarcasm, but the point remains – employers are looking for great employees.

What you may think is ingenious and creative can turn a lot of people off.

A lot of people use humor in their headline to show their lighter side, which is perfectly fine if used correctly.

After all, if a headline is meant to catch someone’s attention, some originality is a great way to do that.

If you choose to think outside the box and come up with something creative, you have to follow one very important rule – be careful.

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