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You can remove these files using this command: rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_* 2.Remove c Panel update archives Cpanel and Easy Apache updates tend to leave behind files that you probably don’t need.

Many versions of the script exist, as it has been carried by various techs to different companies who have extended and modified to fit both their general needs and specific special circumstances. Check whether cpanellogd is running on the server using pstree . Else, it is possible that awstats for only that particular domain is not updating. It will update the awstats and automatically clear the domlogs file thereafter. Also, check for any other duplicate folders that can be removed safely. Cleaning up and making space on /var Cpanel and Linux leaves a lot of log files in /var After several years these can add up, especially in the cpanel/bandwidth folder. Run the following command :- # ls -al -SR | head -10 — It will list 10 files in the decreasing order according to their size If the domlog file is too large for a domain then it is possible that awstats is not running . Remove old and unwanted backups of ‘apache’ that might have been taken long ago. Normally, some core files (like core.1234) might be present in /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot . Keep in mind if there is a hard drive error this can leave the server offline while the system or admin tuns a FSDK.Servers inevitably have problems when their sys-admins are not watching.While the Daily Process Log in WHM can be very helpful in these situations, sometimes more information is needed than WHM can provide.

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