Christian sexual boundaries in dating

The Bible supports the idea of limiting togetherness for the sake of binding evil.

Time off from a person or a project can be a way to regain ownership over some out-of-control aspect of your life where boundaries need to be set.

“I know, you don’t want to take a nap right now.” When parents detach from a misbehaving young child instead of staying connected and dealing with the problem, they tell a lie about God’s constant love.

” gives people a clear message about how you conduct relationships and lets them know the “rules” of your yard. Learning to deal with a child’s no is crucial to that child’s development. This means not giving in to temper tantrums in a store.

Mom: “If you whine and beg and plead, the answer is automatically no.” The word NO helps children separate from what they don’t like. It means time-outs, appropriate confrontations, and spanking, when necessary.

When I’m bad, I am cut off.” Parents who pull away from their child are practicing spiritual and emotional blackmail.

Parents who tell their children, “It hurts us when you’re angry” make the child responsible for the emotional health of the parent. It’s far, far better to say, “I know you’re angry, but you still can’t have that toy.” Sometimes physically removing yourself from a situation helps maintains boundaries.

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