Christian counseling dating

You can also contact a Christian church in your community or a non-Christian based therapist to ask if he can refer you to someone.

Christian organizations like Catholic Charities have resources as well.

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Our philosophy is based on empowering people of all ages to live life by biblical standards, first, by listening to their needs and then following the leading of the Holy Spirit.Psychology Today offers a free database to find licensed mental health professionals who are faith-based counselors in your local area; the database includes extensive profiles of each therapist including their education and licensing information and many profiled therapists include personalized messages.Though pastors and church elders are not always licensed mental health professionals, many of them offer counseling that should be considered more structured, faith-based marital advice as opposed to formal therapy.I understand that I am free to ask any questions about the contents of this document and I either have no questions, or my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.Christians believe marriage is a sacrament that should not be broken.

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