Chrishell stause dating history

Clyde Weston was abusive in the past to Jordan and her mother and after her mother's death, Jordan took Ben, her brother, and left town.They went their separate ways but Ben arrived in Salem and started working at TBD.They reconnected and when Clyde came to town, Ben and Jordan were more than wary of him.When Rafe's sister Gabi went to jail, Rafe drowned his sorrows in beer and Kate Roberts, and Kate pressured Sami to spill to Jordan.In 2019, the couple purchased a 6,762 square foot mansion in Encino, California.

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She commenced her career in 2005 and has since appeared in several TV series such as .

The couple has been enjoying marital bliss since tying the knot.

They frequently make red carpet appearances together and are one of the newest power couples in Hollywood.

Jordan Ridgeway came to Salem August 15 2013, hired unseen by Kate Roberts to help Rafe Hernandez as a physiotherapist after he had come out of a lengthy coma.

Eventually, Jordan and Rafe became close and dated.

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