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Technology also played a huge part in this change for anyone could meet anyone anywhere in the world.

Even though dating customs in China in this day and age is easier compared to ancient times, but a 2000-year-old dating culture is hard to brush off.

It's a magnet for young workers across China's southern provinces, in a country where more than a quarter of the labour force moves for a job.

That focus on work opportunities and career means the marriage age is higher in Shenzhen than in most other large cities in China (30.8 years old)."Chinese people tend to be in a different city to their home city, either for studies or for work, so they're extra lonely — they don't really have friends or family or people who can introduce them to others", said Wang Yu, the founder and CEO of Tantan, one of China's largest dating apps.

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Have your ever noticed what dating mistakes you made?

Much has changed on the concept of dating and relationships in China.

Here are some: In western culture, casual dating may be normal for teenagers and young adults, but in China, it is still something that’s frowned upon.

In ancient China, before any matchmaking could take place, their potential match must first be approved by their parents first.

In some cases, there are parents who promised their children to a certain family that has a connection to them.

They were appointed by the government and given authority during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) So what is a Matchmaker?

In ancient Chinese dating customs, if a boy’s family wants to propose to a certain family’s daughter, a matchmaker should be present in order for them to properly propose to the girl’s family and check whether the potential couple will be a good match or not based on their birthdate, including the exact time they were born.

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