Cathars dating back to the disciples

They saw human souls as being the genderless spirits of angels who had been ensnared within the human body by the God of Evil, whom were cursed to be endlessly reincarnated until finally liberated into the true Spiritual realm via a ritual they called the Consolamentum.They had a conception of Jesus Christ as a Messianic figure but refused to partake in any of the rituals practiced by the Catholic Church, refusing the Eucharist and the taking of the Blessed Sacrament.These things they regarded to be reflected in the New Testament.But all physical, external and material phenomenon were seen by them as having been created by the God of Evil, including even the human body itself, and saw the Old Testament as being the doctrine of the Evil God, identifiable with Satan.

The word Christ is the Greek equivalent, again meaning 'anointed'.The dualism of the Cathars, the belief in an Evil God who actually created the entire material world, and everything in it, and the belief that we are sexless angels trapped in material bodies by this evil God was the complete opposite of Christianity which taught that everything was created by God and that He looked on all of it and called it good.Furthermore all the evil in the world is brought about by…The Old Testament never mentions Jesus at all, so it therefore never calls him the Messiah.The New Testament was written entirely in Greek and does call Jesus the Christ, the Greek equivalent to the Messiah.

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