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And of course, number 1 also stands for chapter 1 of a new beginning, and seeking new experiences is always important to these folks.A less obvious lucky number for Leo is 22, although once you delve into the symbolism behind this number and how well it matches with the Leo personality, it makes a great deal of sense.By taking on the number 13 and essentially making it their own, Leo folks can embrace the secret power of its good fortune – something often missed out on by other people.Many of the lucky numbers for Leo are pretty significant or culturally important numbers that naturally pop up a lot in life – it’s perhaps less the case for lucky number 19.

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When a Leo notices the number 22 cropping up a lot – on doors on streets they’re walking down when daydreaming of love, or in the amount of change they get after buying lunch from the cute deli guy…

Going deeper still, at age 22, Leo people often experience an intense romance – or another major life event, such as a new career or overcoming a long-standing illness, even a financial windfall – that goes on to shape much of their life.

The number 4 is a very lucky number for the Leo individual – and it’s perhaps no coincidence that if you take our last number, 22, and break it down into two plus two, it adds up to four.

Much like the strength of their ruling animal, the lion, Leo folks also have much in the way of natural resilience and good health.

They’re often pretty active and high energy, and offset that with downtime that’s sensual and indulgent.

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