Cancer man and scorpio woman dating

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.I am a Scorpio woman and when I met my Cancer man there was an undeniable mutual attraction.I WAS involved with a Cancer man on and off for more than three years. I don't believe I can put up with this individual any longer.. He seems interested but I'm tired of making first moves on guys... My ex boyfriend after my daughters dad is a Cancer and my current boyfriend now is a Cancer. All of my serious relationships have been with Cancers as I feel such a connection with them.

But the problem with one of them was that he rarely reached out to me, meaning that he was passive.We got to know each other so well after only a few days of conversation, it felt like we knew each other our whole lives. We cant get enough of each other and each day it only gets better and better. This is by far the best connection I've ever had in any other relationship.The level of intimacy and understanding is incredible, I've never had this kind of connection with another sign so quickly and so strongly!He would do a lot of things for me almost to a point that I felt like he was my Dad!However he never made it clear if it was love or just friendly care, which made me insecure; and at the same time, he was very jealous and possessive over me (I only figured that out after I left him), he hit me underbelly, so to speak, after spotting me talking to a guy (completely innocent at that) he did not like!

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