Avira not updating 2016

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So it can present some problems of detection of malicious files, but if you browse the Internet carefully you should not have a bigger problem.

Cons: although, I usually recommend avira, I always clarify something very important, and that is that the real-time detection system is somewhat deficient, so it does not always manage to recognize or block all the threats that swarm through the web and much less the threats that can be downloaded.Cons: What I do not like about avira is that it comes in separate components, so you have to install each one independently, the software support is not very good, you need to improve the service and it is not the ideal antivirus to protect yourself while browsing the Internet, and the last thing is, the price could be a bit high.Pros: Avira is a very lightweight yet powerful antivirus programs out there, not to mention that it's free.If you are one of the users who browse all the sites and download a thousand things without knowing the real origin, maybe you should look for a much more powerful antivirus that detects everything and has an advanced heuristic function.Pros: It easy detects viruses and it updates frequently.

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