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No, I won’t be giving up my porn habit any time soon.

If ‘hypersexual’ is short-hand for sexually confident and creatively stimulated, please, leave me to my addiction in orgasmic peace.

Nichi Hodgson is an author, journalist and broadcaster specialising in civil liberties, gender politics, and sex and the law.

She is the Men's Health sex columnist, writes for on US affairs, and regularly broadcasts for the BBC and Sky News.

When I worked as a professional dominatrix a few years ago, I regularly watched kink porn in order to conjure new tricks that I could use on the clients.Like any woman conscious of gender and power, the issue I do still have with porn is the prevailing male dominance of the industry.Although even that is changing – and quickly - as proven by the rise of female stars now in charge of their own production such as Joanna Angel and the independent cam girl industry.From international politics, to the problems with gel polish, to the things we would not tolerate in men, I have rarely had such a life-affirming lunch with girlfriends. That’s a tough reality for most of us to grasp when we are brought up believing there is only one right way to love, and that’s in a mind, body and soul, only-eyes-for-you-forever kind of way. It’s there for you after a bad day, a bad break-up, or when your libido doesn’t match your partner’s.And you can bring it into your real-time relationships as much or as little as you like.

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