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More severe, if any mistake was made in this risky way, your operating system can become unmanageable and may not work properly.

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Step1: Download Total Uninstaller, then follow the on screen prompts to install in on your computer. Sometimes, this default uninstaller leaves a lot of leftover components and registry entries behind.

Normally, some people who are more professional on computer, can solve this kind of uninstall problem by first deleting the related file of from the drives and then go to modify the associated registry entries.

In fact, this will be useful in uninstalling some simple programs, but for the stubborn or corrupted programs, which combine well with the operating system, won't be completely uninstalled in this way.

It happens that some of the related files and registry entries still remain, leaving a potential risk to your PC. Furthermore, other sticky unwanted programs on your PC can also be fully uninstalled. By following the steps, you will be able to uninstall it quickly and thoroughly from your computer.

Step 1: Download Total Uninstaller, install and launch it.

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