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This season was four to six weeks shorter than seasons 2 through 14.On April 7, Trent Harmon was announced as the season's winner and La'Porsha Renae was the runner-up.The two got romantically involved while the Top 13 contestants started rehearsing for the Idol Tour.A few months before, Haley found herself romantically linked to Casey Abrams.However, there were rumours about Haley and Stefano Langone being in a relationship which was confirmed true.While two kept quiet about their romance, their fellow season 10 contestant on American Idol.She also gets paid by sponsorship, ads, endorsement, featuring and so on.

Haley has one sister, Angela, who is five years younger than her.After a change in management company in 2012, Reinhart expanded the agreement with her music publisher, Ole, in 2012.Haley then signed with ICM Partners in March 2016 in addition to her ongoing deals with Ole.Haley is an American singer, songwriter and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois.She was born unto a family of musicians that did cover songs of the famous Rock songs from the 60s and 70s.

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