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Rooms allow users to add up to eight friends to the video chat.Monkey Monkey is an app common among middle school and high school-aged students.Monkey is for ages 12 and up, and connects to an already-existing Snapchat account.It allows users to chat randomly with other users all over the world, without having each other’s phone number.Unfortunately, it is often used as a vessel for bullying or gossiping.It is similar to Yik Yak, which was a previously popular app for teens.Friendo Similar to tbh, Friendo is a free app where users answer multiple-choice questions about their friends. There are a variety of categories within Friend O, including favorite foods, sports and music.There are even “not safe for work” (NSFW) categories, which users can unlock by inviting three friends to join the app.

Aside from physical abuse, our youth are also experiencing digital dating abuse.Users ultimately compete to answer the most correct questions about their friends, and then they are ranked on a scoreboard.Sarahah Sarahah allows users to send anonymous feedback from friends.tbh only allows users to say positive things about other users.The tbh team generates some questions, while others are submitted by current users.

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