Adult chat firing ibm man over room sues

A woman says her ex tried to rekindle their relationship by buying her appliances; a couple refuse to admit who was driving a car when it was totaled; a man says his former employer's dog damaged his car.Carnival workers sue a woman for rent and living expenses; a teen resists repaying her ex-boyfriend's mom for a car; a construction worker says he was going to pay back a loan for a motorcycle only if he won the race.

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A man sues a teen for running over his duffel bag, and the boy counter sues, saying he was publicly humiliated; a woman says a former friend conned her into letting him fix her car and sues him for towing fees and parts.

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Several times during the day, machine operators are idle for five to 10 minutes as the tool measures the thickness of silicon wafers.

It was during such down time on May 28, 2003, that Pacenza logged onto a chat room from a computer at his work station.

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