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Things go really awry when the key, being reverse magnetic, ends up on planet Sark!

Stanford gets a hard lesson about self-reliance as the Battle Force 5 must stabilize the Cycloid Zone to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing.

However, a swarm of energy leeches prove to be a considerable obstacle, as they can drain energy from their vehicles and equipment.

With Sage running on reserve power, the Battle Force 5 must find a way to recharge her.

One of Zoom's old friends, Zen, from the Order of the Flying Fists comes to see him and reveals to the others that Zoom was the "Chosen One", the one responsible to protect the Blue Flame, but he had abandoned the Order.

Vert and Zoom must compete in a "Cage of Doom" against the Vandals while trying to outwit a Battle Zone with its own agenda.

In doing so, the brothers learn to appreciate each other's skills.Stanford discovers that he's the descendant of a famed Multiverse explorer.This inspires him to challenge Battle Force 5's leadership structure and make a pact with the Vandals..can they be trusted? When information from a Sentient Data Log is accidentally downloaded into Zeke's brain, He leads Battle Force 5 into a secret Zone to find clues that may lead them to Sentient survivors. Will the Sark get the information before the team can?!The Battle Force 5 realize how capable he is when they go to rescue him and find the Vandals have underestimated the team's scout as well!Lurking inside a giant Junk zone, a Battle Key is guarded by a mechanized Junkyard Dog.

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